Michael Sophocles, DMD, Associates is part of a tradition in quality dental care that began in 1960 when George Sophocles, DDS, (retired), founded the practice in Malvern, Pennsylvania. In 1984, the practice moved to the Paoli Medical Complex near Paoli Memorial Hospital. In 1995, Michael Sophocles, DMD, began working side by side with his father, continuing a tradition of offering the finest in dental care with in a modern, clean environment which features the latest advances in dental technology. Michael Sophocles, DMD, Associates has attracted the finest personnel and dedicated staff, many of them long-time employees. In 2006 Michael Sophocles, DMD & Associates opened their new state-of-the-art facility in the Paoli Medical Arts Building. The new facility features the most modern advances in modern dentistry and patient comfort available anywhere. By continuing a tradition over 40 years old, Michael Sophocles, DMD, Associates continues to provide the finest in individual and family dental care available anywhere. It is no wonder that many of the patients keep returning year after year for their continuing dental care.


............Michael Sophocles, DMD
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